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"Shaun has a wonderful gift of making you feel heard. He really listens! He is very clear and patient and was able meet me at my level.  He had a kind and thoughtful approach, found a way to point out the gifts I naturally had and enabled me to regain confidence. I felt truly energised whilst working with Shaun and I would highly recommend him. Thank you, Shaun!"

Teaching Assistant


"Shaun provided a compassionate ear, empathy and deep listening. I felt held and heard. The sessions helped bring to light things I am ready to let go of, to change habits that no longer serve me and encourage new ones that come from a place of aligning with deeper purpose and helping direct what is most important going forward."

Yoga Teacher

“Be happy, be good, be positive, be optimistic, be successful, be woke, be spiritually enlightened. Consume the perfect diet. Attract a million followers on Instagram. Live your best life. Rise up the career ladder. Be fit and healthy. Be your greatest self. Manifest your life’s purpose …. Release all your pain, fear, anger and sadness. Free yourself from doubt. Fall in love with the [one] of your dreams, live happily ever after and never feel lonely again.


This dream is beautiful but it is literally killing us …. [T]he lie of the ‘perfect life’ only makes us depressed, anxious, addicted, and actually feeds our shame and self-loathing and feelings of failure. The constant striving eventually exhausts us, brings us to our knees …. Happiness literally makes us unhappy.”

— Jeff Foster

Hi, my name is Shaun Higgins and I am a Transformational Coach. I help people who have become unhappy in their pursuit of happiness. Those who feel tired from chasing a dream that is no longer their own; exhausted by expectation, anxiety and self-doubt; done with having to forever present their best-edited version of themselves; and are hungry for a bigger way of being that is loving and accepting of their whole selves. 


I can help you create a new way of living. One where you can embrace your vulnerabilities and flaws and shadowy hidden parts without embarrassment, question or doubt. One where you can know your fear, foster your courage and bring your whole unashamed self to the world.


My coaching offers you the space to begin that journey. One where you can bring all your feelings — be it joy, anger, playfulness, sadness, curiosity, grief, desire, loneliness — and allow all those parts to breathe. With time dedicated solely to you and your needs, away from the overwhelm of life, you can reconnect with yourself, become clear upon what’s really most important and make supported step-by-step progress towards new goals. 


Whatever your situation, coaching can enable you to make change now. I can support you in thinking & feeling differently about yourself, overcoming self-limiting beliefs, tackling persistent troublesome emotions, seeing new possibilities, breaking old rules and finding what makes you feel the most alive.

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