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  Connect With Your Deeper




Live What Makes You Feel Most Alive

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Teaching Assistant

"Shaun has a wonderful gift of making you feel heard. He really listens! He is very clear and patient and was able meet me at my level.  He had a kind and thoughtful approach, found a way to point out the gifts I naturally had and enabled me to regain confidence. I felt truly energised whilst working with Shaun and I would highly recommend him. Thank you, Shaun!"


Yoga Teacher

"Shaun provided a compassionate ear, empathy and deep listening. I felt held and heard. The sessions helped bring to light things I am ready to let go of, to change habits that no longer serve me and encourage new ones that come from a place of aligning with deeper purpose and helping direct what is most important going forward."

I'm Shaun Higgins, a Transformational Coach for people like you who want to unlock the creator/change-maker inside them and be a bigger part of changing the world.

I help maverick souls, the misfits and rebels-at-heart, bring their gifts to the world. The ones who see things differently, with attitudes & ideas that set them apart, who want to use creativity to make a powerful difference to their own lives and others. Those who know that there is so much more to life, work and who they truly are, but feel dissatisfied, disconnected from themselves or overwhelmed … or simply know in their bones that there is something else to explore.

It's so easy to assume that we are not creative . . . or that creativity is just about artistic expression. Like every person on the planet, you are possessed with the power of your imagination. It's what makes you human. Creativity is the imagination in application and this is expressed in every facet of human endeavour: from composing a Jazz solo, writing a new theory on Quantum gravity or designing a new employee training programme, to drafting a plan for a straw-bale building. Creativity is about experimentation, exploration, problem-solving, decision-making, taking risks, discovery and embracing failure . . . in order to create new things that help us understand who we are and better shape our world.

I can help you connect with your deeper calling. You may not yet know what that is, or do but don’t know what’s next. You may already be a creator or change-maker, or wanting to begin exercising your own creative potential. You might already be very vocal about your ideas & passions, or have kept them to yourself for some while ... maybe even years. You may be ready to completely change your life's direction or bring in something new without changing what’s already important to you.

Whatever your situation, you know that change needs to happen now.

I can support you to simplify your life, think & feel differently about yourself, see new possibilities, break old rules and find what makes you feel the most alive . . . so you can make the best of your precious time on this planet and courageously bring your gifts to the world.