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Celia Leslie


"My coaching sessions with Shaun have been life changing. Shaun is an amazing person. He somehow manages to create a truly comfortable, safe environment whilst reaching into vulnerable places I had never felt able to go to before. With his kindness, wisdom and what appears to be limitless resources he empowered me to take charge of my own issues and dependencies, which are lifelong - I am 67! So much change has happened for me, in my relationship and in myself, and so quickly and effortlessly that I can hardly believe it. I would like to express my deep gratitude to Shaun for all his patience and help. I felt truly heard for the first time in my life. And what’s more it was painless. I would highly recommend Shaun's coaching sessions to anyone, no matter what issue they are experiencing."

Laura Davidaviciute

Creative Director, Giving Tree Festival

"If you are in need of some help to transition through changes in your life; if you need someone to talk to or help you understand your own thoughts & feelings, speak to Shaun! I cannot recommend anyone better than this beautiful, loving human being."

Barbora Cetlova


"This guy is awesome! As my life coach, I truly believe he’s one of the reasons I found the courage to get my first photo studio, despite doubting and fearing everything! Plus he’s lovely and real and true! So yeah! Get in there!"

Ric Hollingbury


"I’m really so so happy Shaun is offering coaching to the world. His sessions helped me so much when I was in dire need, (thank you!), and I often have it in my mind that it would be great to have more sessions again in the future."

Tom Wilkinson

Non-Violent Communication Facilitator

"I asked Shaun for some help when I was struggling to find my way in the world. I wanted to explore my options for the way ahead and get a plan in place to get where I wanted to be.


I can’t recommend getting in touch with him highly enough. He’s a great listener and very knowledgeable. He held the space for me to listen to my own intuition and together we used a framework to start navigating the route ahead. I’m extremely grateful for the work we’ve done together."

Sarah P Jackson

Nature-based Facilitator & Leadership Coach

"I have really enjoyed working with Shaun (and will continue to do so).  I work remotely, so having Shaun's coaching presence has really benefited me this year, as I have started a number of new projects. His intuitive questioning has led me to consider things I wouldn't have on my own. I leave each call feeling positive, energised, supported and lighter. I recommend him highly."

Margot Duncan

Teacher & Head of Year 4

"Shaun is an excellent life coach. He will help you to focus on specific goals and make sure that you have realistic and achievable targets to get you where you want to be.


He is immensely kind, empathetic, intelligent and an excellent listener, who will gently lead you to finding practical solutions to the obstacles that are holding you back. Why wait? Let him help you live your life to your fullest potential now."


Public Speaker

"Shaun enabled me to learn how to trust my own intuition and use it as the foundation from which to face the uncertainties of life with confidence. I have found a sense of direction, courage & calm in life that I never really had before."


Senior Visual Effects Animator

"Shaun is a brilliant life coach, very knowledgeable, patient and is very supportive without being judgmental. I certainly tested him with my king of procrastination habits but he got me out of a rut. Thank you!"


Sustainability Designer

"Shaun brought a nice balance in guiding me through the life coaching process yet leaving me in control, his approach giving plenty of space for me to explore and reflect upon various aspects of my life. The coaching journey helped me distill some of my longer term goals and gave me greater clarity in prioritising & validating my day-to-day actions, and steps along the way."



"Began the year with a series of coaching sessions. Can't recommend Shaun highly enough. Great way to structure your idea development and propel things forward. I've been working with some challenging themes to say the least and Shaun's professional and compassionate work has been invaluable."


ESOL Teacher, Asylum Seeker Project

"Shaun took me through a process of self-discovery that, with kindness & compassion, cut through to the heart of the matter."


Film Industry Accounts Manager

"Shaun's been very helpful in me realising my full potential. He's been supportive throughtout my whole journey by encouraging me to communicate openly and truthfully not only with others but also with myself."


Charity Co-Director

Change had become something long overdue for me. Working together with Shaun meant I no longer had to struggle with difficult stuff alone. I was able to feel safe, find my courage and open-up to the world.


Voice Coach

"My sessions with Shaun have been the single best hours I’ve spent this year!"


International School Teacher, Taiwan

"Shaun has always had a talent for not only listening but hearing people. I’ve definitely had some great guidance from him over the years."

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