What I Offer

"Sometimes taking the smallest step in the right direction ends-up being the biggest step of your life."

— Naeem Callaway

I offer a range of packages to suit different needs, all of which are listed below. It's important that we first discuss your needs, however, before agreeing upon any package.

I completely understand that it can be difficult to invest time, money & effort in coaching when you don't as yet know if coaching can really work for you. For this reason, I don't ask anyone purchasing either a Bespoke Coaching or Lifeline package to pay until after we have had our first session together. This gives you the opportunity to experience the coaching process alongside some real, tangible results. I will then give you the opportunity to think about & decide if you wish to continue the journey into further lasting change. Almost all of my clients choose to continue.


Focal Coaching

A 20+ hour package tailored for clients tackling difficult change and needing close support. Includes six 1-to-1 coaching by video-call, email and instant WhatsApp support, offered to you over 1-5 months


Flexible Coaching

A 20+ hour package of flexible support for clients available as & when you need it. Includes six 1-to-1 coaching sessions by video-call, email and instant WhatsApp support, offered to you over 5 months


Deep Dive

A single 1-to-1 session by video-call lasting up to three hours where we deeply focus on a particular challenge, issue or aspiration in your life.

The next step is for us to have a free 30-minute introductory call about your needs and what package is best for you. I'll then give you some time to think about it before we schedule your first coaching session.
Get in touch now and schedule your introductory call!

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