Terms & Conditions

The below terms and conditions apply to all coaching provision offered by Shaun Higgins Coaching to any individual or organisation (named here as "the client", “you” or “your”) and constitute the basis of the service contract provided by Shaun Higgins Coaching to the client. 

What is Coaching?

Personal or life coaching is a non-therapeutic approach offering clients the opportunity to be supported by a coach in making personal change towards living a more fulfilling life. Through a process of questioning, coaches enable clients to think differently about themselves, their abilities, their opportunities and what they are able to achieve in the world, and then plan towards making positive, lasting change in their own lives.

Cognitive-Behavioural Coaching

Shaun Higgins Coaching supports all clients primarily using the methods of Cognitive-Behavioural Coaching (CBC). This approach recognises that all people internalise certain “core beliefs” about themselves, others and what is possible in the world. Using careful questioning, clients are supported in challenging negative or unhelpful core beliefs, learning to think differently about themselves and their agency in their world, in order to act differently and make positive change.

Once a client gains new self-awareness around their personal efficacy and position in life, they are then supported in planning for action towards the goals that will create deeper life-fulfilment. Within our working agreement, your coaching objectives are the goals or aspirations that you set for yourself as targets. Your coaching outcomes are the indicators which manifestly demonstrate how & when those Objectives have been completed.

Delivery of Coaching Sessions

Each session will take place using online video calling or telephone (unless arranged otherwise) and will last around 60 minutes from the appointed time. Sometimes internet technical difficulties do occur. For this reason, it is asked that you give yourself a window of 1 hour and 15 minutes for the session, so that extra time can be added should technical difficulties arise.

The coach will initially recommend a set number of coaching sessions, based upon an assessment of your needs. These will take place at an interval appropriate to your and the coach's availability, and your particular needs. The agreed number & frequency of sessions is not binding in any way. Depending upon the progress of work made between you and the coach, it may become apparent that more or less sessions are required. It is also not uncommon for new coaching objectives to arise during the process. If this is the case, your coach will discuss this with you.

You will be asked to sign a contract during your first coaching session, upon which it is deemed that you have agreed to its terms & conditions and enter willingly into the coaching relationship. Please note that it may not necessarily be that any coaching objectives or outcomes are set in the first session. 


All sessions are paid for in advance by the client, at a cost per session agreed with the coach. All clients agree to & ensure that payment is made 24-hours before the next session. Should payment not be made on time, the session will not take place. Any payment schedule or agreement will be detailed at the top of the coaching contract. Fees are payable by PayPal, debit card or credit card. In return, Shaun Higgins Coaching agrees to provide a coaching service as outlined in a coaching contract and its Terms & Conditions.

Cancellation & Rearrangement of Sessions

We ask clients to refrain from rearranging agreed sessions where possible. However, in exceptional circumstances, clients must give the coach a minimum of 48-hours notice in order to cancel or reschedule a session. Without this minimum notice, or if you do not show to a session within 15 minutes of the designated appointment time, the session will be deemed forfeited and the cost of the session not be refundable. Should the coach need to reschedule due to factors out of their own control, you will be given an alternative appointment that meets your satisfaction.

Shaun Higgins Coaching reserves the right to terminate any contract with a client at any point under exceptional circumstances, conflicts of interest, or legal or practical reasons. In such instances, the client will be fully informed at the first opportunity and any advance payments refunded. You also free to terminate the coaching agreement at any time, by giving notice in writing 48-hours before the next session at shaun.higgins.coaching@gmail.com. Any advance payments will then be refunded.

Evaluation & Feedback

The coach will review & evaluate your work towards your outcomes during and at the end of the coaching process. During coaching, it is vitally important that you immediately inform the coach of any concerns you have regarding the coaching process or if the sessions are not working for you, so the sessions can be modified and approached differently. 

Shaun Higgins Coaching welcomes any general feedback on your experience of receiving coaching, during or after you have used its service. Please feel free to email shaun.higgins.coaching@gmail.com.



Shaun Higgins Coaching respects complete client confidentiality with regard to all personal details, information and discussion in sessions shared between Shaun Higgins Coaching, its coaches and its clients. Under no circumstances will any such information be disclosed to another party, unless where it is required by law. All documentation will be held in accordance with the UK’s Data Protection Act (DPA) 2018 and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

It is important to note that confidentiality would be broken if the coach had strong evidence or suspicion that you or someone else was at risk of significant harm or was going to commit a serious offence. You would be informed if confidentiality needed to be broken, unless in doing so it put you or another person at greater risk. In addition, no online or other conversation is ever recorded. The coach may make notes during your session for reference purposes only. Copies of any documents completed as part of a session will always be provided to you, upon request.

In signing the coaching contract, you agree to give your full name, your address, telephone number and an emergency contact name/telephone number, granting Shaun Higgins Coaching the permission to call that contact, should you be injured, sick, thought at risk or involved in an emergency.


Coach Responsibilities

  • to always hold you as the client at the centre of the process, supporting you in realising your own solutions to your own challenges

  • to support you in setting realistic goals and an action-plan to complete them 

  • to offer you a judgement-free space, receiving whatever is discussed openly with compassion and respect. There are no “wrong” thoughts, feelings, questions, answers or past actions

  • to follow the Association for Coaching's Code of Ethics in all practice with you as the client

  • to attend regular supervision from a recognised & qualified Senior Coaching Superviser as part of the coach's best practice and ongoing professional development

Client Responsibilities

  • to be courageous and take a chance with your coaching sessions, using the coaching relationship as an opportunity for self-discovery and personal empowerment

  • to bring your full participation to each coaching session, with openness and honesty

  • to remember that you are an equal within the coaching relationship. The coach has expertise upon the coaching process but you as the client are the expert upon your own life and from this will discover your own best solutions

  • to take full-responsibility for making change. Ultimately, you are the only person who can make change in your life. The emphasis is on the coach supporting you to take action for yourself and by yourself, independently. Although you are under no obligation from the coach to complete any actions or tasks set in-between sessions, not doing so will only impede your personal growth and increase the timeframe needed for change

  • to agree with the coach what support is on offer in-between sessions. Generally, the coach will be able to briefly clarify instructions or queries by email, but will not be able to offer check-ins or further coaching without incurring additional charges  

  • to inform the coach of any mental, physical or emotional conditions you have that may affect the coaching process, and of any types of therapy you are undergoing



Although personal coaching is a powerful process, no results or outcomes can necessarily be guaranteed. As the client, you hold sole responsibility for the outcomes of any decisions or actions you choose to make as a result of receiving coaching from Shaun Higgins Coaching. Shaun Higgins Coaching and its coaches accept no liability for this or any associated loss in any form incurred by you. Personal coaching is also no substitute for legal, medical or any other form of professional advice and, as the client, you will be responsible for independently seeking-out any other forms of professional guidance needed.

Personal coaching is non-therapeutic and therefore not designed to support clients dealing with deep-seated psychological issues. It is no direct substitute for counselling, psychotherapy or any other form of therapy. Should it be recognised that another type of support would be more appropriate to your needs as the client, this will be discussed with you. This will be offered as a recommendation only and Shaun Higgins Coaching is unable to accept any liability for the outcome of any decisions you choose to make based on such recommendations.

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