Is Coaching Really Worth the Cost?

Clients who work with me recognise that coaching is not a cost but an investment in themselves and their future. It’s one from which you will see a huge return in a quality of life that money cannot directly buy. The eventual time and cost of achieving your goals alone without guidance is far greater than with dedicated support. You are also not paying for a number of hourly sessions but an entire supported process lasting for months, with outcomes that will last a lifetime.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

It depends upon how much work is needed for you to reach your desired goals. Although sometimes just one session is enough, there are equally no shortcuts. Change takes time and successful effort. However, as a starting-point I often suggest around six sessions, either one per month, fortnight or week, depending on your needs.

Does Coaching Really Work?

In 1998, 2009 and 2016, the International Coaching Federation conducted three research studies into the effectiveness of coaching worldwide. In each year, over 98.5% of clients questioned said that coaching was valuable or very valuable and that they were satisfied or very satisfied. In 2016, 96% of clients said that they would invest in coaching again.

Please see my testimonials HERE for feedback from my clients.

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How is Coaching Different to Counselling?

Both of these methods focus upon supporting clients in reaching a deeper sense of self-understanding. Whereas counselling often supports people in crisis, coaching supports those who are not in a critical situation, but feel deeply unsatisfied and seek lasting change. Coaching is also distinct from counselling with its proactive, goal-oriented approach. My transformational practice lies between the two, offering opportunity for clients to explore deeper questions alongside engaging in proactive action-planning.

Why Online Coaching and Not in Person?

Coaching online via video-call is just as effective and confidential as working in person, but with many added advantages. I use Zoom Video Conferencing, which allows coaching to happen at any time or place, and without the need to travel. The cost of coaching is reduced, making it more widely accessible. It also allows you to be in the place you feel most private or comfortable whilst engaging in deep, transformative work.

Do You Offer Different Packages?

I offer a range of packages to meet your individual needs. Please see What I Offer for full details.

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