A Bit About Me

As a Coach . . .

I have been professionally supporting people in their personal growth since 2000, specialising in mentoring, interpersonal communication, relationship building, conflict resolution, community work, group facilitation and training, supporting both adults and young people. My professional practice is grounded in psychology, philosophy, neuroscience ... and my own experience of being alive.

I am a certified coach, qualified in Cognitive-Behavioural Coaching with the Centre for Coaching: a learning centre founded by Professor Stephen Palmer and approved by the British Psychological Society. I’ve also trained in Neuroscience for Coaches with Dr Gabija Toleikyte of Helsinki University, and in both Positive Psychology and Existential Coaching with Yannick Jacob of the Animas Institute and UEL. I abide by the Code of Ethics as stipulated by the Association of Coaching (which you can read about here).

My coaching practice is informed by a range of methodologies:

  • Humanistic Person-Centred Approach

  • Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy

  • Behavioural Neuroscience

  • Existential Philosophy & Therapy

  • Positive Psychology

  • Psychodynamic Therapy

  • Co-counselling


I work really well with those who want to dig-down beneath the surface, unearth for themselves what's really going on and develop a better relationship with themselves and their world. I am also keen to support anyone who hasn't had any experience of coaching or other professional support before.

As a Creative Change-Maker . . .

I've worn quite a few hats along my own transformational journey.

I've supported homeless people in building resilience, self-esteem and dealing with adversity. Mentored young offenders using narrative therapy techniques, enabling them to powerfully retell their own personal stories and reframe their futures. I trained Sussex Police in better conflict-resolution techniques, using an award-winning training programme. 

I spent eleven years working on the streets with at-risk young people, offering support & guidance to those who were vulnerable and without direction. Qualifying with a degree in Community Development, I led professional teams building youth outreach programmes, peer-mentoring schemes, young people-led youth centres and summer activity programmes in impoverished areas within London and Brighton, all with an emphasis on self-empowering individuals to make change in their own lives.

With my hat on as a stage-performer & writer, I've directed a play on Sustainability; performed satirical cabaret shows on class; combined dance, character and physical theatre in educational comedy; and delivered drama workshops to build esteem and self-confidence. As an Experience Designer for Guerilla Science in London, I used immersive theatre to curate learning environments at galleries, museums and festivals, allowing audiences to step-into other worlds to see themselves differently through the lens of history and science.

My next personal challenge is to dive into the world of Spoken Word!

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